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Hello!I’m Wan. I’m currently learning web development. when I learn tutorials, I can follow the instructions.But when I start writing my own project “Tribute Page”, I have no idea where to start.I’m stuck. I am appreciate your suggestions.

Welcome to the community!

Remember to always start any project with the HTML basic boiler plate, and to assure you have linked the styles.css to the project.

Then, I usually review the instructions and try to assure I include each requirement step by step. Sometimes, it succeeds in a few steps.
I run the test ever few attempts to check if I am succeeding.

My suggestion for your topic is Pick Someone You Admire. It is easier to do the tribute that way.

You may wish to check if there is anymore information on the freecodecamp, You Tube site.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Hi there and welcome to our community!

Are you following the course in order? Have you completed the first project (Survey Form) already?

If you’re stuck on the Tribute Page project, I’d recommend starting with a standard HTML boilerplate and then going through the user stories one by one, adding elements to fulfill the project criteria. Then you will have the bare bones of the project and can start to flesh it all out with content and styling.

Here’s some useful info on HTML boilerplates:

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Hello and welcome to the community :smiley:!
Well done for coming so far :partying_face: :+1:!
Though completing a project can be tougher then going through the steps as it is many instructions in one shot reading through them one by one can help make it clearer to you of what needs to be done. Also if you search the feedback category and use the search word ‘tribute’ you might come across other peoples completed tribute projects
and that will provide you some direction of where you should be headed. Remember, completing a project can be hard work and you will need lots of dedicated time and patience to get through it. My own survey form project took me a great long time to complete with lots of trial and error on the way. Just dive right in and if you get stuck at some point you can post your question on the forum. Completing a project like this will give you a lot of practice and you will learn new things as you go along. Last but not least don’t forget to have a ball :partying_face: doing it and use your own personal style and taste to make it special!

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Where is the space designed for test to submit and go on?

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