Assertion - Information Security And Quality Assurance Certification (Please Help)

Hi there.

Does anyone have any idea what this means?

AssertionError: For test 1 and 2, there is atleast 9 fields in the issues 
return object that should be tested to exist with "property".: expected 
0 to be above 8. 

Not sure about the context, but that error states that:

  • The stuff you’re testing should have at least 9 fields (above 8). You have 0.
  • That is referred to the test 1 and 2.
  • The 9 fields should have been included in an object returned from a issue function? ( not sure about this one) ^^

Good luck!

Hi there. Thanks for replying. I am completing an FCC project. I am required to use Chai and Mocha to carry out functional tests. I tried using assert.exists and Does the above error require me to use (…tested to exist with “property”…)?

It’s ok Mr.Layer. I have passed all the tests. Thank you for helping me out earlier. :slight_smile:

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