Assign object function return value to object property

**** throw error: this.getUnit is not a function****

    function ConvertHandler(initialString) {

    this.inputUnit = this.getUnit(initialString);
    this.inputNum = this.getNum(initialString);
    this.returnedUnit = this.getReturnUnit(this.inputUnit);
    this.returnedNum = this.convert();

    this.getNum = function (input) {

        return input.match(/((\d*\.?\d+)*(\/?)(\d*\.?\d+))/igm);

    this.getUnit = function (input) {
        //let result;
        //input req.query.input
        return input.match(/[A-Za-z]+$/i);

var a = new ConvertHandler('4mi');

** I can’t assign object function return value to object property, can anyone help? **

solved in StackOverflow, thank you,

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