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Hi guys am university student and am looking for a project for my second year. Anyone know any websites that i can look into for latest tech news? Something that i can demostrate as my proposal. Has to be a research project that is unasnwered

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You are asking people to give advice based on no information. Besides, the research should be something that you are interested in, not what other people think is interesting. I have no idea what you have studied nor the subject area your research should be about. ‘tech’ is such a wide area, so you need to narrow it down to a single aspect or limited aspects of technology use. You may decide to research something that was not directly taught on the course.

Perhaps you should be reading academic journals not news.

It is your responsibility as the student to develop your own research proposal and find sources for it. I submitted three proposals before the final one was accepted. It’s not always easy choosing a topic and finding sources of information, but I think it is something you need to do yourself. You may even discover something you’d like to research as a result of your own searching.


I am looking for something related to software development topic. I guess you are right about this. My intital proposal was ’ is ai is to powerful to take away privacy of data?’ in which i could not find the right sources or enough crediable sources. Plus this had to be shown as a research project for my second semester.

Thank you for your advice. just as of interest, what course did you do at university

Looking at your proposal question, I wonder if a ‘Yes/No’ question suitable? I think that kind of question is quite limiting. Perhaps you could question the extent/degree that AI can invade people’s privacy. But if the research has to be unanswered research, how would you prove/disprove it? Build and AI yourself and test it? Your aims need to be achievable.

As you are interested in AI, have you tried searching Directory of Open Access Journals or ERIC for articles on AI? Looking through the first few pages of results might give you some other ideas that interest you. Besides, I would have thought that your university would grant you access to the journals you need, and not force you onto news websites.

I would advise that you speak with your course tutor for some guidance specific to your course and related interests.

I did an MA in TESOL. It was a special moment for me. I went onto the course with no degree as a mature student with industry experience, and came out with a distinction.
My dissertation topic was, ‘To what extent can Chinese learners of English recognise the illocutionary force in the non-conventionally indirect speech act of requests?

I learned PHP from one of those old Sams 24 hours books years ago, just so I could make my own research participants’ surveys and database, and results data analysis tables.

My tutors were impressed because they didn’t expect me to get as much information as I did, and I put a lot of work into the core design and tech side of the research.

I suppose what I can say is look at an area you find interesting and then focus on ONE aspect of it. Remember, research can also prove your hypothesis was wrong. That’s what happened to me.
The part where you are asked to provide new research is not so easy, but I think you can look at existing research, and then extend or reapply it. Not so many credible sources is a problem, but that’s what cutting-edge research is about: extending what we know into what we don’t know.

What type of project do you need to do?

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