Assistance needed (Tribute Project): fadeToggle on divs cause page to jump to top (Mobile)

EDIT - Tried swapping to use the collapse component, still having the scroll issue.

Hey Folks.

I am having an issue building out my tribute page project. Specifically, the toggling ‘track list’ divs is causing the page to jump to the top of the screen when viewing on my iPhone 6s and when using the cross browser testing for device testing. In Codepen on desktop toggling on an off the divs via buttons is working as expected in a variety of window resolutions.

Very WIP Codepen:

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Repro Steps:

  • view codepen on safari/chrome on iPhone 6s
  • scroll down to the second 'View Track List" button.
  • clicking on the button will jump the page to the top.