Assitance on creating an argument

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function functionWithArgs(a,b) {
functionWithArgs(1,2); /=3
functionWithArgs(7,9); /=16
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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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Did you have a question here? Your code is fine.

Unless of course you are really including the /=3. I’m assuming that is supposed to be a comment and thus should be double forward slashes.

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this is a syntax error and your code stops executing, and the tests don’t even check your code
if you want a comment you need to start with //

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On the chance you are trying to say: Take the return value of the function and then make that equal to itself divide by n, e.g., functionWithArgs(1,2) /= 3, that would not work for multiple reasons as your function has no return value (it will return undefined ) so the outcome of that process would return NaN or it would if you first assigned a variable to the return value of the function, but in this case it throw an error as you cannot reassign undefined

console.log(undefined /= 3 === NaN) // throws an error 
//(It does not throw an error in my browser console, 
//but it really should, and it will in the FCC console)
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you’re missing the strict mode that fcc has active I think