Async code issues

I’m using a package called sweetalert2 that lets you create custom alert modals easily. The sweetalert2 fire function returns a promise and I’m using that function in an event handler. The issue I’m having is that the synchronous code being run in the event handler is being run before the SA2 modal pops up. To try to combat this, I put the whole event handler in an async block and used the await keyword for the SA2 function in question, but to no avail. It’s still running everything in the wrong order. Here is the code to check out:
(I cant include links so I have to do this in a hacky fashion)
https : // pastebin . com / 89Q6NGR3
If you have any thoughts on why this might not be working please let me know! I’m a bit of a JS noob and this is driving me nuts. Thanks :smiley: