ASYNC lines not found on code

I’ve completed the challenge,but the ASYNC section was not provided in the default IDE. I’m stuck in this phase for some time.
please help
my code so far

bcrypt.hash('myPlaintextPassword', 13, (err, hash) => {
  //$2a$12$Y.PHPE15wR25qrrtgGkiYe2sXo98cjuMCG1YwSI5rJW1DSJp0gEYS'myPlaintextPassword', hash, (err, res) => {
    console.log(res); //true

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Challenge: Hash and Compare Passwords Asynchronously

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Hello there,

What do you mean by this?

the code i attached goes in between the ASYNC comment tags (as said in the hint for the challenge), but in the code provided there is no such tags or comments,thus even if i got the challenge solution correct,I’m stuck there.

Thank you, for clarifying. I have updated the Guide post.