Asynchronous code help

I realize that the code below if failing because message sets innerHTML before the second get returns, and I’ve read through a ton of articles dealing with asynchronous code, but am still unable to get it to work despite having spent a lot of time working on it.

If some kind soul has the patience to assist a relative noob, I could use some help in getting the below code working.

  $.get('/api/people', function(data) {
  var message="this many: ";

    $.each(data.Results, function(i, user){

      $.get("/api/people/"+user.Id+"/followers",function(dataFollowers) {
      message += dataFollowers.length+",";
    document.getElementById("GGAPI").innerHTML = message;

<div id="GGAPI">&nbsp;</div>

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Read about the ajaxStop method to see a possible way to detect when all the API calls have completed.