Asynchronous Nodejs & MongoDB

Hello everyone!
Could Someone provide some links for some kind of free courses/Workshop/Advanced and Complete guide ( preferably Written over videos, because videos are usually too entertaining ) for working with asynchronous NodeJS and mongoDB?
I’ve read and practiced some tutorials (Mongoose/MongoDB Docs for async, MDN, ) but most of them don’t really cover everything and don’t make me practice what I learn, and I find myself stuck when I want to implement some advanced asynchronous operations in my projects,…
For example, I have trouble getting values from an async operation of MongoDB ( returning and exchanging values from queries to queries,…).

Please, if you know some tutorials that cover and dive deep in working with async in MongoDB and NodeJS, it’ll be very welcome!
Thanks in advance!

When I studied this course on freeCodeCamp I also had some problem finding the correct way to start a project.

I give you the resources I used in complement with the freeCodeCamp lessons, maybe you can find something that you like.

  1. Article - Introduction to mongoose for MongoDB
  2. Course - REST API
  3. Course - NodeJS Express MongoDB
  4. YouTube Video - MongoDB Full Tutorial w/ Node.js, Express, & Mongoose
  5. Free PDF Book - NodeJS (Download at the bottom of the page)

Happy Coding


Thank you so much @Meimato :pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6:
I’ll check them out !

MongoDB provides a free course, but also relies on video too. Just check their site.
I think Mongoose documentation is easy to understand too.

You are welcome
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Not sure I would call the docs easy. Sometimes they have about 8 different ways of doing the same thing and the docs do not seem to have much of an opinion. I’m sure if you know mongoose it isn’t that bad but for beginners, I can see it getting confusing.

I haven’t looked at any tutorial stuff they might have, I’m only talking about the API docs.