At every time I log in with Git Hub

Hi. Every time I log in with Git Hub it asks me to got through challenges like I am new. I have done them several times and still it keeps asking. Is that normal? I stopped doing it and I go directly to the Map to continue lessons. Is there a way to stop that or is it something I haven’t done yet. Thanks.

@QuincyLarson might want to look at this.
It is not normal, I log in with only GitHub, and I do not have that problem.

Thanks for making the referral.

It keeps doing it. I don’t know if there is another way to Log in and Log out. I just have the options to Log In and Sign Me Out. Maybe that is the reason that each time I sign in it asks me to go through all the initial challenges (as a new camper). I log in with Git Hub and then the only way I have to Log Out is with “Sign Me Out”. Maybe that’s why… Or, maybe is because I haven’t make a pledge yet…

No, that is definitely not the case. Free Code Camp is completely free, we don’t reset your progress because you haven’t pledged to any non-profit.

Thanks for responding. Trying to discard… Then, maybe there is a bug somewhere…