At the right place?

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:
This is my first ever forum post on the FCC site.

I was just wondering if I was at the right place. Let me explain… I’ve been interested in programming since my teenage year, I’m 36 now. I started out with C in my first year of college (dropped out). Now, after many years, I’m getting back to building my programmer skills. I like JAVA, Python to start with, maybe C# in the future. I would like to work remotely as a software developer in any of those languages, but I see many people discuss Web Development at this site. That is why my question: Am I at the right place to learn programming skills? Is this site only for future web developers?

My main objective is to be self-taught software developer.

Thank you for reading and any comments or questions are welcome.


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Yes, you are in the right place. It’s for both :slight_smile:

Go through the curriculum it provides, it will start you out with HTML and CSS, then it will go into JavaScript and React.

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Currently doing the Javascript Certification, trying to wrap my head around the Regular Expressions.