At which stage in the FCC curiculum, should I start applying for jobs?

If I start the FCC curriculum at the beginning and finish all projects at the end of each certification, at which stage should I start applying for jobs? I mean, should I apply for jobs once I cross the Front end libraries certification, the Data visualization certification, or something else?



Same question in my mind too

You can start applying for jobs at any point. Depending on where you are, your odds of getting a job will be low. But you will learn about interviewing, get some feedback, polish your resume, etc.

I always say that you’re not really “ready” until you’ve been doing the job for a year. Finishing the FCC program (so you have a solid MERN stack), building a few projects from start to finish on your own, done a little open source, and worked on a few projects as a team. Then you’re getting ready. But don’t wait for that. Make that a goal, but start applying. Just be honest (with yourself and the interviewer) about where you are. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find an intern or entry position that’s willing to invest some time in you. Those positions do exist. They’re rare and there’re a lot of people vying for them, but they do exist. But it can’t help to start applying, learning those skills, and feeling out the market.

My advice is to learn, learn, learn and build, build, build. Eventually your skills and the market will intersect.