Atom live server not working properly now

Even though my html page lows when i think the command ‘live-server’ in the directory path of where my index.html file is, it doesn’t automatically update any of the changes I make in my Index.html file or javascript file. How would I remedy this problem?

You have to restart the server.

I don’t really have a fix for you, but I will say I have never had any issues with VS Code and the Live Server extension. I know that might not be what you want to use but I’d give it a try if you are not intentionally avoiding VS Code for some reason.

how do I restart the server?

I followed everything in the link you provided and that didn’t help.

Fixed the issue. Turns out , the issue is not with atom-live-server, but with the Chrome browser because when I open my live serve in firefox, I did not have this problem.

try refreshing the page in Chrome without cache

how do you do that? I also cannot access twitter but I can access twitter in firefox

To force a refresh it’s either shift+F5 or ctrl+F5. I never remember which one of them it is :laughing:

neither of those worked

You could try clearing your web cache and cookies in chrome.