Atom packages for node development?


So, when searching on google for recommended atom packages, there are tons of results telling you about packages that are more suitable for frontend development. Beautifiers, colorpickers, linters for js and css, etc.

However, I would like to find some packages to make developing of backend apps easier. For example, in cloud9 when you are editing a server.js file, you can just press “play” and it will launch the app in debug mode. You can set breakpoints and inspect things as your app is running live on a webserver. You can also change things like environment variables directly on the running configuration.

Is there some package like that for atom?

And, bonus question, how to you decide which atom packages are worth your time? If I search on the package list I will find dozens of packages that promise to make the exact same thing. Some will be great, some will be crap. How do I decide which one to install?