Attributes - For, Value, ID

Struggling to understand the for, value and ID attributes.

Can someone explain as if they’re explaining to an idiot. read a few peoples explanations and got me no where


Please read the explanation below.

  1. FOR Attribute
    In HTML, a label and a form control are linked together using the for attribute. In order to improve user experience, it links a label to a particular input element. Clicking on the label causes the related form control to become focused or active.
<label for="firstName">first Name:</label>
<input type="text" id="firstName" name="firstName">
  1. VALUE Attribute:
    In HTML, the value property is used to set an input element’s initial or default value. It frequently works with form components like as <button>, <textarea>, and <input>.
    eg. <input type="text" value="Default Text">

  2. ID Attribute:
    HTML uses the id property to identify an element on a page specifically. It ought to be the only identifier in the whole HTML page. Using the for attribute, this identifier is frequently used to connect a label with a form control or to change the element using CSS or JavaScript.strong text

<p id="uniqueParagraph">This is a unique paragraph.</p>

I hope it becomes useful to you.

Has helped a lot. Thank you!