Audio in videos too quiet?

Just curious if anyone else finds the audio in the new Python videos to be really quiet. When I have the volume on full on my laptop I still struggle to hear what is being said. I can hear the audio from other videos (youtube, etc) just fine, so I know it isn’t just my computer. Is there any setting on youtube where the volume can be increased (on the channel side, not mine)?

I have a background in audio production, so if this was something that bothered others, I could potentially help out with it. It could be as simple as turning up the volume, which anyone can do, but that can introduce its own problems like the background noise also being amplified. But I may be the odd one out here and perhaps it doesn’t bother anyone else. Just curious.

Hello there,

I cannot hear anything odd about the audio for the Python content.

If you open the video from YouTube, is it still quiet?
What browser are you using?

Ok. So I double checked a few things. It is mainly the Machine Learning videos on TensorFlow. I checked out a couple from the other certs and they were fine. It is still quiet from youtube. I’m using Chrome.

Ah, well. The sound is fine for me, but only once I turn it up on the player controls, because the default is this: