Aurora Aknes Tribute Page

I’m new here and this is my first try to make a responsive tribute page. Hope you like it.


Welcome to the forums @alluringhyaena

Nice! I like the way you made the design of the tribute page your own.

Some minor things;

  • in the HTML and CSS sections , click on the down arrow and the Analyze link in each. Clean up the duplicate id’s and pick which font size you really want to use.

The one thing I really find fault with is the link to read more. The color of the link is REALLY hard to read with the background color. I mean REALLY HARD

Thank you for the feedback, I just post it, but did not finish it first.


I really liked the page. Simple and elegant.
In addition, the responsive behavior is quite satisfactory.


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My apologies. I thought you were posting it because you wanted feedback.

Nice job :grinning: Projects are a great way to retain what you’re learning. Keep it up!

Hello. welcome to FCC community, Congratulations on you first project.

Congratulations on finishing a FCC project!

Visually looking at your project I can’t help but feel that white wasn’t the best choice for “Aurora” in the header. Aurora’s white hair blends with the white lettering and makes it very hard on the eyes.

Also the 4 links on the bottom are etremely small. They’re recognizable because of the color and the logo but the youtube icon is impossible to read because it’s so compacted.

Code wise, I would consider the following in your future projects:

  • You skipped using h1 and h2 elements and started with h3. I wouldn’t recommend this because it might confuse a screen reader and make your website less accessible. Don’t use h tags for their formatting. You can always format the size of the h tags with your CSS. Think of h tags as the following:

    • h1
      • h2
        • h3
        • h3
          • h4
      • h2
      • h2
        • h3
  • You should use higher h tags as you add more content or headers that support the one preceding it.

  • In your HTML I would be careful with whitespace. Although whitespace in HTML doesn’t change the output. It’s good practice to follow the current standards. It’ll help you when you enter the JavaScript realm eventually.

Looking forward to your future projects. Code on my friend! :slightly_smiling_face: