Austin Campers Read This!

Hey, Fellow Campers! I’ve been using FCC for a few months now and have really enjoyed it. The curriculum is great but I also really appreciate the forum. Many of you have been so helpful and open and I REALLY appreciate it.

With that out of the way, I wanted to share some info that may help anyone beginning to code that lives in or near Austin Texas.

Austin Community College (ACC) is starting a Trial boot camp next week and the cost is only $80. This is the intro course to their first boot camp class that’s coming out in March 2018. I live in Austin and for a while was really considering attending other boot camps. I looked at several (UT Austin, General Assembly, etc …) and just couldn’t afford them. This intro class is $80 and the boot camp they are launching next year is around 7k. That’s still a lot of money but I looked into the curriculum it’s not much different from other programs. The boot camp is 24 weeks long and gives you over 200+ hours of classroom time.

I’m signing up and I hope some of you do too. Hopefully FCC dosen’t mind me giving ACC a shoutout on here I’m just trying to help!

Also, I don’t have ANY connection to ACC. Never went to school there, don’t know anyone that does/has I just was exploring all my options and came across it. I hope this helps someone!