Authentication - Is it considered frontend or backend?

I am more focused on the frontend/UI of things. Is authentication and login handled on the frontend? Like I know I would have to create the UI portion, probably some form validation… but what else needs to happen? and who takes care of what part?

I can’t think of a way to handle it on the frontend that would be secure. Usually it’s at least going to be checking a password against a hash - and that would need to be a backend thing. Now, the backend might send back a token or a JWT to make relogins quicker, but in any non-trivial app, you’re going to be communicating with some kind of backend. It may be your own custom built backend, it may be some backend that you’ve built using libraries, you might be using a service (like firebase), or you may be using a third part auth (like google sso/saml) but there would always be some backend.

I don’t know - I’m no expert - but that is how it looks to me.

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