Author Page Feedback

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on an author webpage for a close friend. I would love any feedback you guys have, positive or negative. I’ve been studying web development seriously for about 6 months, so some things are still a work in progress for my knowledge bank. Thanks everyone!

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I really like the design with the boxes: it kind of brings a feeling of a comic book to the site. However, I think that the colors might need a little bit of adjustment. Now greyness was the first thing I noticed when I entered the site. There’s no need to change the entire color scheme (I love how it matches the cover of his book) but maybe you could just try to brighten it up a little bit.

Hello, this looks very good, I like it a lot. You did a good job on that :+1:

However, I notice you layout being inconsistent while the images are loading. Lazy loading images is what you need right now to improve the site I guess.

Overall, you work is very nice, keep it the great work!

Thank you both!

I haven’t heard of lazy loading images, will definitely look that up.