Avenir 2018 - the annual tech fest of NSEC Kolkata

Phoenix, the officially recognized tech club of Netaji Subhash Engineering College organized it’s annual inter-college tech fest — Avenir 2018 on 13th, 14th and 15th of April, 2018.

The event received footfall in thousands, participants from all over West Bengal reached the venue — the college campus to compete in various tech events. Not to forget, the fest also incorporates fun events — they do say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. And NSEC has no Dull Jack :wink:

The fest was majorly broken into 6 categories of events running simultaneously over the entire expanse of the college premise —

  1. CyberNix — competitive programming, web development, bug finding and app making

  1. RoboNix — various robotics related events such as autonomous line follower races, robo-soccer, manual terrain ranging robot races, autonomous maze solver robot races, etc.

  1. Lensified — showcasing the best photography and cinematographic talents all over the state

  1. Gaming — competitive gaming events: DOTA2, FIFA, CS:GO, NFS, etc

  1. Nirmaan — civil engineering related events such as bride design, city planning, etc

  1. General and Fun — treasure hunt, Quizzes, Sudoku solving, Quick Maths, etc

After a long introduction to the event, we come to the part of how FreeCodeCamp, raised the swag level of the event to new highs! The Avenir team approached FreeCodeCamp and was provided with FreeCodeCamp T-shirts and stickers!

Here’s some of the Web Development event participants —

And finally, this proud sticker on my laptop!

To be plain honest, there was a huge response to the FreeCodeCamp swag. We had people from all departments thronging in to get to know what FreeCodeCamp was about and how it could help them. We were overwhelmed by the demands of a local study group at NSEC for FreeCodeCamp which led us to the creation of FreeCodeCamp NSEC Study Group!

The Web team at NSEC while upgrading itself continuously is trying to push forward more and more students into the amazing world of computer science — through the easy path of web development!

Awaiting, Avenir 2019!

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