Away for a few months - come back - Codepens all messed up - Argh!

Was away from FCC for a few months and coming back I find a lot of my pens are fubar! Well, not ‘beyond all repair’ but still it was a pain to track the problems down and fix them.

Twitch TV implemented a client ID, so I had to create one of those and get it working.

My Weather app failed because the site that looked up the user’s coordinates from their IP address is no longer in business, sooo tracked another one down and updated that.

My Tic Tac Toe was completely bonkers. Race conditions all over. Because I used SVG and Raphael the app was heavy graphics wise and sometimes the game board was not painting before the AI went ahead and made its move, or a notification was popping up saying you won or lost before the board got the chance to mark an X or O or draw a winning line. At least it gave me a good opportunity to practice javascript promises!

But its now all working, so as the saying goes, All’s Well that Ends Well…

My advice to you though is, Keep an Eye on your Pens!


Good to know!

I was listening to the Shop Talk Show podcast and they mentioned how you can be reluctant to release a feature or a new avenue for accessing your product sometimes because once anything goes live, you are kinda committing to constant maintenance or risk leaving users with broken apps as APIs and dependen packages change. I guess you have stumbled across that for yourself, eh?

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You may also be interested to know that there is an impending curriculum change in the indefinitely “soon” time-frame. That may either be good news to you (regarding perhaps making maintenance to prior pens irrelevant) or bad if you were close to getting your FE cert and now have to go back and do a bunch of new challenges… though I’m not certain how the whole thing will affect people partway through.

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Morning Jackson, yes I think you’re right about once you put anything out there you more or less have to keep tabs on it.

I wanted to show my work to a potential employer so it was a bit more of an issue for me.

I was concerned about that, and how it will play out. But at least for me personally I have completed everything for the Front End Certificate except for the Simon Says project, and I have a good start on that and will submit it this week. Funny enough my issue completing that one was Race conditions as well, on the sounds and flashing lights, so I’m hopeful adding promises will get all the events synchronized on that one as well.

This issue is not your codepens, it’s external dependencies.
The understanding of rendering order is the other thing. I usually get that issue when writing into a new game engine, for the first time or two. Painter’s algorithm, ui vs sprites, and z order.

I had reworked a project today, rearranging some components and rewriting and spellchecking variables being called from an array in Javascript. Finished around 2 pm. Came back to it seven hours later, and my project had reverted to the state it was in this morning. Not a happy camper.