Back at again, learning to code

I created my freeCodeCamp account a few years ago. A few years later, I’m back at it again. I just finished updating my BIO to express some of my past experiences in programming, and in life. I am actively pursuing the full-stack certification. Please, don’t hesitate to AMA or follow me. I always reply, if it is humanly possible. I am here to learn, collaborate, help out and create. This is an exciting time for me. I am humbly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to pursue and acquire this certification. Namaste!


Best of luck, and welcome back. It’s a pretty dynamic and helpful community, and I can see you’re one of those who both ask for help, and give back.

Glad to see you back again, and determined to push through!

Thank you @snowmonkey, I appreciate that! Yes, I love to give back and help out when possible. I also… Once I bypass my stubborn self, will ask for help. I definitely, have been giving the coding challenges that are difficult for me my best though. Until my efforts become a detriment due to spending too much time on solving it myself. :wink: Looking forward to getting past the drudge work myself!

Welcome back, and goodluck :smiley:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be afraid to fail. We learn the most through failure, what matters is you get back up and continue chugging along!

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Goodmorning! Well, it is morning here, still. I have a question concerning a problem I’m on in the React Redux chapter of the curriculum. I’ve probably spent way too much time on this problem at this point, lol. I really need help. It is probably something rediculous.