Back End Development and APIs Projects: Customizing the front-end?

Hi everyone!

I just passed all of the tests for the first project of the Back End Development and APIs certification (Timestamp Microservice), and I had a question come up:

Is there any expectation for the front-end aspect of these projects? Should we be customizing the HTML/CSS and adding our own styling at all?

Obviously, it’s the back-end certification and none of the tests have anything to do with the front-end, but given that the projects are available for others to see when you complete a certification, it seemed like maybe I should be customizing it.

The projects for this certification are a bit weird compared to those in the other certifications I’ve completed because that boilerplate code is provided, as opposed to doing everything fully by myself. For example, the provided code has the page saying ‘by freeCodeCamp’ so I’m not sure if I should be changing something like that since so much of the code and structure is provided for me.

Maybe this is kind of a strange concern or thing to be wondering about, but I figured I’d ask before submitting any of the projects.

You are not expected to make any changes to the front end. In fact, doing so incorrectly might make some tests fail.

You can provide your own front end as long as it is functionally the same (like expected values from a form element or whatnot).

As long as the tests can interact with the code as expected and you give back the correct responses you can use whatever you like (pretty much for everything). Certain changes would make it more cumbersome as the tests have some expectations about the data being returned (like a DB id field having the _id value).

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Okay, awesome, good to know! I appreciate the info :raised_hands:

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