Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker Test #3

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Hi all. My challenge is not complete yet. I’m experiencing an issue on test step 3

Failed:The returned response from POST /api/users with form data username will be an object with username and _id properties.

My code returns object with username and _id but still fails on test step 3 somehow. Am I understanding the description wrong?

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

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Your code is passing that test for me. Did you fix it?

Interesting. Why it not passing then here:

I get a 401 with that URL. You should get an option to make the URL public when you open the Gitpod workspace.

Also, I can’t really debug the code if I can’t see it.

Edit: you can share a snapshot of the workspace. Click the Gitpod button on the lower left corner, then select “Share Workspace Snapshot”, it should give you a link you can copy and post.

I’m not sure if its public now

I guess only browser could be public in gitpod but not a code

And one more thing:
gitpod is not passing this test
replit is getting timeout

Is there any other online services that could help?

Both should work. I do not get a timeout with your Replit.

There is also Glitch as another option. Or some free Node.js hosting service, but I’d suggest you use something that will let people see the code if you need help with it (like Replit/Glitch).

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