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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

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The Code is unable to pass the last test. I have checked the outputs and everything seems fine. Also checked the network tab and nothing seems wrong.
Can anyone help me ?

One issue is that when you specify the request query string parameter limit, the count value needs to be limit (when the limit is less than the count) or count (in case count is less than the limit or no limit is specified).

Not sure why it is timing out, if I fork it and use my own DB it passes.

  1. Try using a VPN, or try using a different geographical location like the EU or US when creating the cluster.

  2. Try it on Glitch.

@prasadsaya If I understand what you are saying then the test doesn’t check for that. I was thinking the same at first that the count property should change depending on the length of the log array.

The test only checks if it’s an array and its length.

Tried that already.Didn’t work

Ok. It seemed like something is wrong with the test , because I ran the test on the console of that page and it seemed fine . I am unable to find what is going wrong with the tests.
Even tried a vpn. Doesnt solve it.

It’s not likely to be the test as it passes for me with your code as I said. Try it on Glitch and see if that works.

Did you try using a different cluster location?

It is passing for me now as well, it was timing out before.

@ParadoxPD Did you change anything?

Then what is happening with my computer, I dont get it . I have in at it for literally 8 hrs now and it still fails at a particular test.

Yes I started the replit server again but it still fails for me . I have tried glitch , but still the same issue.

Some one send me their link , let me try that.



Try the demo

I still think you should try switching the cluster location if you haven’t.

Changed my cluster location. But still the same

Yes that works fine .

Let me create a new project in mongo and a new cluster.

Yes tried with glitch.

Nope It has the same issue. Just the last test is getting timed out.

Can you send me your replit version so i can try that.

Same issue even with this one. Maybe something is wrong with my browser.
But tried that with another browser , internet, device but same issue.

I am unable to reply , as i am a new user it is blocking me from replying anymore.

@lasjorg I didnt change anything , I just started the replit server , which was stoped when you first tried it.


See the network tab

It seems fine to me

What did you change it to? I’m just curious.

Did you create a new cluster? If not delete the collection on the DB or create a new cluster.

Edit: well if it fails with other people’s DB connections it can’t really be your DB I would think. But I guess it can be the connection to MongoDB Atlas.

At this point, I have no idea why it is failing for you. Check the network tab in the browser when submitting.

@ParadoxPD Post your network tab info in the post you can still edit.

One thing you might try, which is a little silly to have to do, is to filter the log array using only JS. So no mongoose queries just pure JS filtering.

I don’t know if it’s relevant to the issue here but I experienced a time zone offset with FCC servers that caused my tests to fail on this project; when I tried at a time when the date was the same in both time zones the tests passed (more information here).

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