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More than 10 hours have been spent on this project. I checked all the tests one by one very carefully, everything was tested fine on my local host, but it doesn’t allow me to pass the test.

Will anyone want to be my life saver?

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Still, you need to tell what errors / messages are showing when you run the tests and submit in the Replit - messages from node console, browser console and from the test result.

From your Replit, for the GET request route app.get('/api/users/:_id/logs' ..., I noted that the statement if (!foundUser) { ... needs to be before the code const filteredLog = foundUser.log.filter(log => {.... It is not just correct coding, but, it may not be the reason for the tests to be failing.

I saw that as well, but no error when I run the same code locally. So what’s the next step when we get the different results? I saw that error message sometimes as well, but I don’t know how to fix it.

You need to post here what error messages you are seeing (so that someone can suggest resolutions).

The error you mentioned above.

in local host, I tested it with all different scenarios and compare the result with the sample, all same result. Evey the sequence of different keys I fxied to match the result of the sample.

no error when test it locally.

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