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please hellllllllllpppppp!!!

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solution: boilerplate-project-exercisetracker-9 - Replit

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

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What is the issue? I noticed comments on which tests it passes. Which tests it doesn’t pass?

it said The date property of any object in the log array that is returned from GET /api/users/:id/logs should be a string…please how do i go about that?

So I had a look. The date property in GET ‘/api/users/:id/logs’ should be "date":"Sat Jul 16 2022". Your response is "date": "2022-07-16T00:00:00.000Z". And it is because in filter you return converted new Date(

You are modifying in filter function to solve this if(...) { return session }.

Try if it works I am still a beginner too. :sweat_smile:

it worked…thanks sooo much

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