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Hi, i’m having an issue on the last task of Back End Development - Exercise Tracker.
When i test my code through running application, everything work perfectly fine. I can put from date, to date and limit on my query and the data displayed as it should.
But when i tested it via “I’ve completed the challange” it always says “Test timed out”. SInce the code not returning any error, i have zero clue what’s happening.
Thank you in advance.

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my replit invite link : Invitation to collaborate on Replit - Replit

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

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I forked your replit and ran your code with my mongodb connection string.

Your code passes all the tests for me.
So it looks like a replit timeout issue.

You could perhaps retry at a time when there’s likely to be less activity (early morning US time?).
If you can’t get it to go through, you might need to try using a different platform e.g. Glitch, GitPod etc.

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I retried the test on replit at this time “00.02 US Time”, still not work.

But i manage to submit the test using different platform. In this case i use Glitch and it worked perfectly.

Thank you so much!.

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