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I am working on the Exercise Tracker project. I am passing all of the tests except for 2:

  1. " The response returned from POST /api/users/:_id/exercises will be the user object with the exercise fields added."
    2)" * You can add from, to and limit parameters to a GET /api/users/:_id/logs request to retrieve part of the log of any user. from and to are dates in yyyy-mm-dd format. limit is an integer of how many logs to send back."

As far as I can tell, my project does meet both failed requirements.
I looked through the network data (test requests → test responses). The requests sent to the example site and my project seem slightly different, but for the requests that are sent to my project, the returned output seems to match the requirements and the responses to the analogous requests to the example website.

Below I listed my replit repo.

The forum parser does not allow me to add an extra link, but the repo contains the the raw requests/responses data for the example project and my project, as well as the filtered versions for requests/responses specifically for these two failed tests.

These are available in the repo’s /tests folder.

What could be the issue?
I appreciate any advice.

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solution: fcc-exercise-tracker-microservice - Replit

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - Exercise Tracker

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Log out dateIsProvided in your route and verify your assumption about it. Also, typeof returns a string value.

Check the data type of duration against the requirements.

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I’ll take a look at it today, thank you!

This solved it.
Turns out that on one of this bugs I already worked, but lost the progress due to my bad handling of the version control.

Thanks for taking your time to take a look at it!

Now, on to the Databases class!

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