Back End Development and APIs Projects - URL Shortener Microservice. Project complete and fails on tests

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Hi all. I’ve completed project and tested it manually. It works fine. Yet I’m not able to pass 3rd auto test in challenge. Can anyone take a look please? Links are below. Thanks

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githubLink: GitHub - will-s-205/fcc-boilerplate-project-urlshortener: A boilerplate for a freeCodeCamp project.
solution: fcc-boilerplate-project-urlshortener - Replit

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Challenge: Back End Development and APIs Projects - URL Shortener Microservice

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It is weird. If I submit your project url and it fails, I can keep submitting it until if finally passes.

Seems like I implemented AI and Machine Learning in this challenge without knowing it :sweat_smile:

Resolved, after I replaced DB by methods with async/await. Seems like I used obsolete approach. More info can be found in a link below.