Back End Development and APIs Projects - URL Shortener Microservice

I am currently trying to achieve the challenge "Back End Development and APIs - URL Shortener Microservice’.
I did the following project deployed thanks to Replit (below).
From my point of view, it corresponds to what is asked but the correction says item 2 and 3 are wrong.
Please, could you tell me how you understand this.


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Challenge: URL Shortener Microservice

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Hello there,

Opening the network tab shows:

Your app’s response:

Why is that an invalid url?

Hope this helps

I think you have an old version or you changed the HTML. Try logging out req.body and the regex inside the /api/shorturl route.

console.log('req.body', req.body)

The name attribute on the input element should be name="url". Check the boilerplate or restart using the current replit starter.

The redirect seems to be getting blocked when I submit. Try using the cors package instead.

Thank you lasjorg,
I have used the template with this link : “” and copy paste my code with some modifications inside and it works…
Maybe “const cors = require(‘cors’);” was missing or something else, I don’t know. Any case, thank you very much for you quick reply !

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