Back End Module Lacks Didactic or Am I Missing Something?

I’ve completed both the web design, and JS modules and both had a strong didactic approach, an honest attempt to “teach” the material.
Front end libraries has also shown the same dynamic…
For the backend though…
Am I missing where to find the actual “teachings” of it or is it truly a: “Hey, get on replit and figure out a way of doing x” ?
If that’s the case, I must say the module requires INTENSE work. Not because I can’t find the comprehensive aspect of it…but because if I was hiring…that cert would be worthless on anyones resume I as know (as of right now and as far as I am concerned) it lacks to provide TRUE foundational knowledge, which the previous modules have successfully done.
Why the discrepancy ?
Opinions, guidance, and corrections are VERY welcome.

Hi @medic1111 !

All of the current certifications are being redesigned and you can read more about it here.

This new project based curriculum should address many of the concerns you have brought up and help users feel more confident in the material.

In a job situation, employers usually ignore most certifications unless it is a cs degree.
I was personally never asked about my certifications.
They only focused on my personal projects and previous contract experience.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

Thank you. You do get where I’m coming from though, right? It just doesn’t match the quality of the other modules. Glad the redesign is in process. :slight_smile:

Yeah I understand where you are coming from. :grinning:

I am almost wondering if the backend curriculum was intentionally designed differently than the front end.

With the front end, most people start off as complete beginners.
By the time you get to the backend you have had a few months of coding.
Maybe the thought process was to have users rely more on the docs and other outside resources than before to help them get used to real world working conditions.

But looking at the new relational database curriculum, it does look like the new direction will have more practice and deeper understanding of the concepts.
The same will apply for the other backend certs.

Side note, at some point this is sort of where developers end up. Experimentation with new things to reach a goal.

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