Back on the wagon

This is my third attempt at fcc from scratch. I’ve just gone and deleted everything and started back at the beginning. Last time I got as far as javascript but well and truly lost when it came to iterations and it was like I hit a massive brick wall that, despite all attempts, I just couldn’t get my head around.

I’m another depressive looking for a fresh start. I’m sort of hindered in that I can only do little bits before the brain gives up then I need to spend the next day or a good chunk of it recovering before I can do any more. It’s like my brain is an old phone battery which doesn’t retain its charge.

Anyhow, this time, I’m going to use the forums more for socialising and also for help when I get to the sticky bits.


I had about 7 years of false starts, but got there in the end!

Good luck and welcome back


Just to say, Jammy, you’re not alone. :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

I really hope, this time, you’ll be here longer than last time.


Keep adding drops to the bucket!!! :vulcan_salute:


Oh my God, this is so good to hear @JacksonBates
I am sorry it took you so long but I am quite tired of the “how I changed my career in 2 weeks and a half” type of thing. I find it depressing and not very motivating.
Thank you for being so honest about how hard it is: it’s refreshing and truly motivating!

Edit: Of course welcome back @JammyPiece !

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Wow. That’s the epitome of inspiring! :smile: