Back on track and finished the Pomodoro Clock. Wdyt?

It has been a while (almost a year) since I have been doing stuff on FCC.
There has been a lot going on last year, too much to continue the coding challenges.
But now, finally, I’m back on track so I have finished the Pomodoro Clock.

Feedback is much appreciated, even more than before because of the long FCC ‘pause’.

Pomodoro Clock at codepen

I’d say it looks pretty good! The only problem I found was that it didn’t seem to find the sound file to play when the countdown ends.

And in mobile resolution there seems to be some extra spacing, because the page is scrollable. Even though the content is not actually that big, you know?

Either way, great job and welcome back to FCC. Cheers and code on. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback, very much appreciated.

I will have another go at it. :relaxed:

I have applied the changes, you should be able to hear both sounds now.
Mobile resolution should also be fixed.

I just checked, and the mobile mode is fixed, which is cool! :smile:

Still can’t hear the sounds, though. I tried accessing the links for the files you have in the code, and I couldn’t access them at all. They might be broken or offline. :sweat:

That’s weird, beacause I can hear them. Perhaps is something on your side blocking them?