Back to coding after a month

Hi everyone!

Over tha last month or more, I took a bunch of side roads hoping to succeed getting a job, but had to come back here to focus on web dev . I’ll be going ahead with the javascript cert now

before this I had jumped to java for interviews and then to starting my own freelance company for making wordpress websites

I had a lot of confusion and anxiety on what i was going to do to get a job and had to come back to fCC.

Enough of that. Now lets get started learning javascript :sunglasses:

@aldehyde I like your attitude. Is there anything the fCC community can do to help you reach your goals? I am also interested in learning JavaScript more. If you are open to (brainstorm then start a GitHub project ) collaborating on a JavaScript project on GitHub together send me a DM. Either way keep grinding, and I wish you the best of luck.
~ Happy Coding!

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Thank you so much @bijiyiqi2017!

Right now I think I will stick to the curriculum and collaborate when I get done with the JS certification. It would definitely benefit us both to do a project together and showcase it to the public.

I expect to finish this certification after 2 months or more and once that is out of the way, we can go ahead : )