Back to my first working place

Hi guys,

How do I go back to where i was from from the beginning? I cant find that pane, where on the left were my instructions, right my working place and at the bottom instructions. Where is pane, it was more comfortable for me?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you are using a small screen or mobile device and need to click on the “info” tab:

I finally found it. Thanks alot. But I lost all my work-percentage and it has gone back to 4%. Is there a way I can retrieve it?
It was really motivating me…but now all the finished tasks are back to unchecked :frowning:

Your progress is saved to your account. When you look at you should see all of the lessons you’ve completed as “checked”. If you weren’t signed into your account when you completed the challenges, then they won’t be saved to your account. Did you just start a new section of the curriculum? The percentage completed that shows when you pass tests is the percentage of the section that you are on.