Back with profile page, your feedback would be appreciated

Hi guys
Back after few days of break on front end projects. I would like your appreciation and feedback on my profile page. Actually, I have a problem with xs and s media (a layout trouble, so i get bottom scroll bar, what i don’t want really :frowning: ).

In addition i have a question for expert. What is the best practice with container or container-fluid? Should i next all my html code in one div element with container (or container-fluid) class or could i insert div with container each time i am starting new row layout wit col--? Thank you for your insight

Hi! For your layout issue, you have just to remove your negative margin (-15px) on the #Aboutme element. I can’t help you for your other request, as I’m not an expert at all, but thinking about it, probably a single container (with inside of that all the rows and cols that you need) would be better, cause if you insert tons of containers you will not respect the DRY rule (obviously I didn’t do the right way in my portfolio page…). Anyhow, if you search on the Big G you will find a lot of discussions about that topic.

Thank you dem-s! I hadn’t realised i left a margin in the media query part ! By the way, what is big G? G stands for google?

Yes, I meant that one. You could also take a look on or similar.