Backend API - Exercise Tracker refuses to pass test #8

I keep encountering the error that " The response returned from POST /api/users/:_id/exercises will be the user object with the exercise fields added"
I have done exactly this, and FCC tests refuse to pass just for this case. Can someone please show me what is going wrong?

This is the sample output my app provides:

The _id being a different format is not causing issues, so it’s not that. And the dates are written properly too. I’m so confused because all the fields match perfectly.

I have no idea what you even mean by updateUser I don’t have a method with this name.

await exerciseDB.findByIdAndUpdate({_id:}, {$push:{log:logAppend}}, {count: entry.log.length});

From your the above code:
{ _id: } needs to be { _id: entry._id } or { _id: entry.userID}. This is an issue with the code.

Also, await; statement is not required - the findByIdAndUpdate writes the updates to the database.