Backend Api project 5

Hi Ally Devs

I’m currently trying to pass Project Numer 5 Backend Apis " File Metadata Microservice

And build this

React Component

For the Front

And Express on the Backend

Free code camp test

ther are 2 assertions test that uses DOMprase

I build my app using React

the result

NOTE file API is working as expected

My question is how can I serve this assertion whit React

Thank You

Best Regards

Almog Zur

Have a look at how multer is implemented here versus how it’s implemented in your code.

Unless I’m mistaken, in your React code there isn’t any action for actually sending the file to the back end, only one for setting it in state (not that it matters for the test, just a side note).

Hi Jacques First Thank You for taking the time to replay .

I agree the React state isnt doing noting

I Used it for Exprement on file Handling ,

Think i Will send the page via Express so the DOMTree well be visible to DOMPrase

Best Regards

Almog Zur

Ok, hope you were able to resolve the issue with multer that was causing the tests to fail. All the best.

yes, Solved.

the problem was DOMParser cant parse react-dom
so the test assertion didn’t work

Did a lot to make it happen but finally, it dose

needed to change the root path “/” for the test,

So I created a new home path for React App
and used the root path for the test

I apologize, I couldn’t remember creating a front end for this project so I couldn’t understand why you were messing with front end code to try to pass the tests. In fact, the Github repo provides one in views/index.html. But the instructions do call for a ‘full stack app’, my mistake. Anyway, glad you were able to resolve it.

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