Backend Author?

“I have the author set”
I added the right stuff too?
Your thingy won’t register it-

(((I got this to work!! A simple reset glitch and it worked :slight_smile: )))

Can you please post a link to the challenge you are working on?

Also, can you more fully explain what you are asking? I’m not sure what ‘thingy’ you mean.

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Hi @JessicaWoods03 !

Welcome to the forum!

I edited your post to include the challenge.
But it would help if in the future you explained what the issue is a little bit better. :grinning:

I tested your link and it is passing for me.
What error messages are you getting?

Also, make sure the server is running when you run the test.

I actually got this working…it was a simple reset glitch and it worked :slight_smile:

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