Backend development after bsc in engineering


I really like challenging tasks that requires a lot of thinking, so I believe I’m interested in becoming a backend developer.

What do you think is the best way to get there? What courses should I do from freeCodeCamp? will it be enough or do you recommend other courses\ learning materials?

btw I have a bachelor degree in biomedical engineering from a university, so I already know some python and have some math background.

Thank you!

Hello @SarahS, welcome to the FreeCodeCamp forums.

This might lead you toward doing forms of data-science depending on how much math you’ve already gotten. This isn’t directly tied to web development, so it might not be “back-end” but you would be working in Python/with data.

FreeCodeCamp recently released their Python focused curriculum that goes into data-science with Python.

Which can be started here:

I don’t know much about the data-science space, but I usually recommend “working backwards” and looking at jobs you’d like to apply for and see their requirements. For data-science, having a degree is usually a hard requirement, which you already have so you should have a decent change. That said it isn’t a data-science specific degree, so maybe aiming for biomedical specific data-science jobs might help a lot, as you already come with the “domain knowledge” which could be very beneficial and make you really stand out.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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