Backend mongo install problems

Can someone tell me why when i try to install learnyoumongo for the mongo exercises it tells me that i have installed learn you mongo, but when i go to excute $learnyoumongo. It does not work. I know ihave mongod and mongo working because i have used in past… they are both running during my learnyoumongo console execution.

What error do you get?

Its not recognized, right after i install the package. all the while i have mongod and mongo running in the background… :confused:

Try going to the C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\npm directory, then run learnyoumongo (or learnyoumongo.exe; I’m not sure if it’s stored as an exe).

You might have to add that path to the global npm packages to your PATH environment variable if you want to execute the package from anywhere in your computer.

Or try rebooting.

I haven’t used Windows for months though, so take what I said with a grain of salt.

Thanks Kev,
Thats what I was thinking too after i posted my last reply. In my case, do you mind telling me how I would go about adding the path to the gloabl npm packages. I dont think Ive really done that before.

This might be useful

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it was in the appdata/roaming… thanks again.