"Backend only" No interest in Frontend?

So, this may sound kind of schizophrenic & many of you may think “Ok, what are you doing here then?!” BUT - i realized while doing my Tribute Page that i have absolutely no interest in designing a Webpage ?
I enjoyed learning HTML & CSS but i realized that it makes me fucking crazy thinking about:
"Which font here, where should i put this ? Which button, where ? How will it appear the most fancy way ?"
I couldn’t care less for all of this stuff …

Is this what Front End Developing is about? If yes, then maybe i’m more the Backend-guy ?

Don’t get me wrong, i totally love what I’am doing here and i don’t even think about quitting, not a single bit but - is this what a Front End Developer Job looks like ?

I’m very interested in Tech, Programming (obv. that’s why i’m here), I love working on Solutions, Network-Security and all of this stuff, i came here to do my first steps in this direction & of course I’d love to get a Job in this “Area”.

I’m just kinda bummed out because i see all those People getting Jobs as FED (Congratulations btw. i’m so happy for everyone of you, this Category is so inspirational - unbelievable!) and i ask myself is this is the right thing for me ? Because people talk mainly about Front End Developing … which … as i understood this, is mostly working with clients & mainly about "designy stuff"
Software Engineer=Front End Developer ?

maybe i’m overthinking all of this, maybe its because i had a really hard day … I can’t tell you why i’m writing this wall of text right now.
I just had to let this somewhere out.

Thanks for this GREAT Community - i think i have never seen a better one, everyone is so honest & helpful.

and THANKS (!!!) Mr. Quincy Larson for this awesome Page - i hope you will get a Nobel Prize soon.

Sorry again for the wall of text & sorry for my english tho. ( i know i will regret this whiny Post someday.)

I’m gonna start with the JavaScript Challenges now :tada:


I am seeing a move to thick clients vs thin clients.

A thin client is where all the code and page generation happens on the webserver to create a full page, or even part of a page and that is sent to the clients browser. The client can run js code, but it is often simple in scope.

A thick client the code is split between the server and the client. The server will handle business logic, database data interactions and send a response, most likely in JSON, to the clients browser for final page (or fragment of page ) assembly. You should see more of this when you get into the Data Visualization section and start using some of the libraries like React.

Outside of this course there are other libraries you might need to know for a job, Angular, Vue or something new we don’t yet know about. Modern web development is a very fast paced industry

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A little antidote if I may… A few years ago I got a job as a hostess, it was my first time ever working in the food industry so was really happy they offered training. Come to find out, it was 6 weeks of training…just to be a hostess, greet people, tell them where to sit?! Yeah…all my friends in the industry were pretty shocked…but, heres the thing.

I learned the ins and outs of what was expected of me as a hostess plus spent at least 3 or 4 days each training with a bartender, server, and a couple of jobs in the kitchen for an understanding of what they do too. Once I was done with my training, I not only knew my job, I also knew how my job affected the job of everyone around me. There was even a 200 question exam that I had to pass before I could get the job. Intense stuff for a hostess job eh? lol

So…what the heck does all that have to do with being a developer?! Well…same same. If you are just coding back end, only know your job and have zero clue what your part of the process has to do with the front end of the process, how can you think ahead to what the front end developers are going to need from you or will have to deal with once they have your code to bring it all to a cohesive whole? You dont have to be good at it…or even enjoy it…just have to know what it is and have an understanding of how the front end functions because back end and front end work too closely together to be able to safely ignore it.

On another note…I have always noticed how websites of strictly coders have absolutely no flair, like…negative flair even lol They arent trying to make thier site pretty, they could care less…they are just getting the info up there with nothing more than the technical requirements. So…stop worring about details like where a button goes or what colour to make something…this isnt about web design, its about coding. So stressing over little details like that are not worth it… Just make sure you know how to get a website functioning on a technical level so that you have a home for your code to function. …and dont sweat the small stuff. :slight_smile:


LOL… that’s right. Back then, early days of web, so easy to tell sites created by programmers. Ugly as hell. I can tell a mile away.

Nowadays, with Bootstrap, it’s become easier to hide the lack of design/aesthetic talent.

Yup, so true…not as common now as it used to be. When I do come across it though Im impressed…probably misguided, but I assume since they have zero design sense, they must be master programmers… kinda like how when people lose one of their senses, another become unnaturally stronger to make up for it. :laughing: I need to stop. :laughing:


Linus Torvalds:

If I was stranded on an island and the only way to get off the island was to make a pretty UI, I’d die there


You reminded me when I was in video game development school. Our class was split into 2 groups to make a small game within 1 month. I was the group leader for one, and the other was a hardcore master programmer. Ironically, he picked his team filled with programmers LOL.

The programmers ended up trying to make next generation game with a fully random generated world, which unfortunately wasn’t able to finish. Even if the programming part is done, the design aspect is all left out.

When is time to present the project. Everyone was looking at a product filled with glitches and bugs.
No one knew what is happening in the game, no one even noticed that the map is random generated. LOL

Well…there goes that theory then eh? lol How did your teams project fare?

what should i do for learning backend programming???


fCC has a backend section.

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