Background checks

I’ve been coding a few months now and I would love to turn it into my next career. However I have a criminal background from my late teens (I’m now 30). I plan on getting an expungement/ pardon but I’d like to apply for some type of IT role asap to get a foot in the door. Is it even possible or should I wait it out until my background is taken care of?

I would say to go for it - the odds are that you will have to apply to many jobs before you are done and applying and interviewing are their own skills that should be nurtured.

On the other hand, you’ve only been coding for a few months? There are people who have been doing this for well over a year that are struggling to get that difficult first job. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but try to stay realistic about what is probable.

A criminal background doesn’t make finding programming work impossible, but it may be more difficult than in some other fields due to the security certifications that many software companies have to deal with due to handling protected personal information, payment processing, etc.

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Freelacing may be a good option.

Don’t know how this works in the USA (?),
but is this criminal data publically available?

It varies from state to state, but usually they can get your police record, with every arrest and charge that hasn’t been expunged or isn’t sealed. You usually you sign a consent form.

I also recommend for you to go for it… it might be a little bit harder but with the drive, motivation and passion everything is possible

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