Bakery Product Landing Page

So I worked about 12 hours on this original project, and didn’t like it. Soooo I scrapped it and redid this one. My wife does baking as a side gig, and I thought it would be motivating to start a page for her that has her cake designs and eventually get good enough to build her a website down the road to support her side hustle. Although I’m lucky when I showed her this one she didn’t flat out divorce me lol.

The first thing I noticed when I scrolled was the image which looks like it should be in the nav is not part of the nav. Second, the nav is transparent so it is hard to read when the content is scrolled. Just meant as helpful criticism.

No worries. I need the constructive criticism. So is it a matter of changing the element of the image into the nav element ? And I need to take the opacity out if the navbar too. Thanks!