Balance Sheet - Step 14 [Possible bug?] 3rd <td> Will Not Pass Test

Hey All!

I feel like I’m missing something really basic here but I’m stuck. I thought there was a pull request for a bug here but now I’m not seeing it.

The instructions for this step are as follows:

# Step 14

In your second tr element, add a th element with the text Checking Our primary transactional account.. Wrap that text, except for Checking , in a span element with the class attribute set to description.

Following that, add three td elements with the following text (in order): $54, $56, $53. Give the third td element a class attribute set to current.

My code is included below, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all but I’m getting the following error message when I try to submit:

## Test

Sorry, your code does not pass. Try again.

## Hint

You should have three td elements.

Hopefully I’ve just been looking at it too long. Any help would be appreciated!

            <tr class="data">
              <th>Checking <span class="description">Our primary transactional account.</span></tr>
              <td class="current">$53</td>
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Challenge: Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet - Step 14

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Your beginning and ending tags don’t quite match :slight_smile:


Oh gosh :woman_facepalming:t2: I knew it was going to be something simple.

Thank you though!

A programmer’s best tool is another pair of eyes.


I thought it was a bug too! but i think it is…

Checking Our primary transactional account

Hey guys can anyone solve this issue. It showing error don’t know why. Pls help me out.

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