Basecamp is looking for Interns (Summer 2017)

Hi there! If you are looking for a Internship as Developer from remote, you should definitely consider to apply to Basecamp! Here there are more informations: “Basecamp is looking for interns for summer 2017”

Good luck!


Hello ! Thanks for sharing this.

Any other companies out there looking to hire interns for REMOTE Work ? Other than but similar to Basecamp ?


it “looks” legit, but there’s a whole bunch of “this is what we require” and only one instance of “what’s in it for us” … and the “internship” requirements read just like a job posting, the entire page is full of a one-sided list of what amounts to basically is; job demands and an elevator pitch to join.

Yes, you pay interns;
What other benefits?
Does this “education/internship” qualify as legit college credits?
What college affiliation(s) do you have?

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Hi! Maybe you should ask all these questions to someone working at Basecamp, I work elsewhere and I’ve just spread the word.

Thank you so much! I’ve browsed their jobs page before and this feels like a rare opportunity. Good luck to anyone who applied as well.

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