Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

Could someone please explain to me why booWho(false) does not return true?
it is the only check that isn’t passing.
Ps: i know that i can use 'type of ’ but i still want to understand why booWho(false) does not returns true.

function booWho(bool) {
  if(bool === true || false){
  return true;
    return false;


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Challenge: Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

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This is not doing what you think it is. There are imaginary parentheses in there. It is really:

if (bool === (true || false)) {

What does the expression true || false always return?

If you want to take this approach then think of the if statement as:

“if bool equals true OR bool equals false”.

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I had to read this many times to understand,but that i did.
Thank you very much

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